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  1. received

  2. My new Kamado Joe is due to be delivered in about 2 hours. I’m stoked! Can’t wait to start putting it through its paces and getting acquainted with ceramic cooking.

    • Thanks Pat, please stop our blog and share pictures and recipes from time to time. Also, you can become a fan of Kamado Joe on Facebook, another great place to get tips and ideas.

    • Hey Pat
      I purchased my Kamado Joe this summer-June.I have to admit it was not my first choice ,however the wife was concerned about keeping it local .We looked and I was given the green light ! enough said.I have since smoked pork butt family favorite,baby back ribs,chicken butterflied,and brisket-need to work on this.I’m sure you are planning on the big bird as I am.I’ve been busy on the net looking for the best recipe.I can’t wait to smoke the first turkey on Kamado Joe.I will post my shots.Like you I too have 2 daughters in college looking forward to having them home.Wishing you a successful smoked turkey and a great family gathering thats what this great country was founded upon.God Bless America!!

      • I’ve done chicken breasts, steak and butts on the Kamado Joe since I got it. All turned out wonderfully. I had a chance to compare my pulled pork to some from Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ in Decatur at the tailgate before the AU – Alabama game yesterday and although I am hardly impartial , I am a CBJ and I thought that the bbq that Kamado Joe and I made was a cut above the store bought stuff from Big Bobs! I am loving the Kamado Joe. No regrets about not “Going Green.” I am partial to redheads. After all, I married one – from Texas no less!

  3. This grill is the best!

  4. Just bought a Kamado Joe last Thursday. I cooked on it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Even though I had a problem, everything came out great. When I called HQ with the problem and worked with the local dealer, I got a new K. Joe. outer and kept all of the innards.

    I’m very impressed with the service. This is why I didn’t order from some internet dealer. I wanted the local contact and service and that’s what I got.

    My steaks turned out great, with a perfect sear and my chicken split down the breast with smoked paprika, cumin, oregano and garlic tucked under the skin was killer!

  5. Kamado Joes customer service at the HQ level is excellent..

  6. One of my favorites is homemade pizza dough and pizza sauce on the K. Joe. I bought the grate that raises up the cooking surface, because I wanted to use it and the pizza stone with out the ceramic plate setter. I placed the stone on the grate and let it heat up to around 500t o 550 and slid the pizza right onto the stone. I don’t sprinkle anything on the stone, ie: corn meal, because the wet pizza dough immediately forms a steam barrier and begins to cook and 3-4 minutes later it’s done.

    I really think you’d have to go to Rome to get any better pizza. I’ve had pizza at the wood burning oven restaurants that sell pizza, but I’d put mine up against theirs any day. I don’t have to leave the comfort of my house, not to mention all the $$ I save to enjoy fantastic pizza just the way I like it.

    • Whew and AHHHHHH! Girls and Darling Wife got me a pizza stone for Father’s Day. Tonight was the inaugural pizza cook on the Kamado Joe and I’m always a little nervous whenever I do a new cook for the first time. Using an extra large chimney of Kamado Joe charcoal and a place setter, I got the KJ up to 550 indirect and …baked two fantastic pizzas on the new stone – about 6 minutes each. This will be a regular event at our house! Kamado Joe: grill, smoker, pizza oven!

  7. This is the greatest grill ever, if anything ever happens to it I will run right out for an other one.

  8. Here are two examples of KJoe Pizza & Sourdough Bread. I could have shot the photos on the Joe, but didn’t think of it in time. This was made from one fire. I made the pizza first
    at around 600 degrees. I never sprinkle corn meal or anything else on the pizza stone. I just make sure it’s been heated for at least 30 minutes before i put the pizza or bread in. The moisture in the dough will cause a short lived steam pocket to form under the dough and you will have no problem easily removing the pizza or bread from the stone.
    The pizza is made of homemade sauce, mozzarella (in the round blob, not the pre-shredded plastic wrapped kind) and carmelized onions. I usually add fresh basil, but forgot in this particular pizza. Before I bought the KJ, I was looking into making a clay pizza oven. That would have been a real hassle to build. With the KJ I have a true clay pizza oven and the best grill and smoker I have used anywhere.
    In the summer we don’t cook inside for dinner anymore. Everything is done on the KJ. Beef, pork, fish, lamb, pizza and bread. Looking forward when we get into fall and winter and cooking out in the cool weather. Good luck to all the owners of the fantastic KJ.

    • Sounds good, I will have to try it..

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