Comment by Kirk Moore on February 21, 2010 12:25 am I’ve been compairing at grills for years. I had settled on various ones, but I always looked towards a BGE. Over the last few years, I became serious about it. I looked at all of my options. I looked at quality, and price. I thought I would get a BGE-I didnt. I stunbled upon Kamado Joe on the internet. I saved LOTS of money, and it is so much better built then anything else I have seen. Getting it home was easy, but I have a truck. A friend helped me carry it down some steps, but I put it together by myself in about 15 min. ( I would have been done fast but I thought I had put the upper/lower portion togerther wrong, so I took everything apart to check it. Together-It looks GREAT. Next I decided to start my first fire. I started with a few handfuls of lump Charcoal, and I found that I was having rouble getting it past 250. After playing with it-I figured out that although I had the small holes open on the upper damper, I did not have the main whole open. Within one min. of opening the damper, I was well on my way to 500. It backed down to 350 with no problems, then I placed two chicken breast on. 30-45 min. Later, I pulled them off. I did not season them, or place any marination on them. I wanted a regular piece of chicken so I could decide on the flavor. WOW. Outside was crisp, inside was juicy, More juice then I have ever seen in a chicken-Made me wonder if it was done! Shutting it down was just as easy-Closed the vents, and walked away. Im very happy day one. I hope to cook many more times this week. Thanks for a great product, and a new hobby! Reply



  1. I recently purchased a grill and I am in love with it. It is so easy to use and the food comes out perfect. The grill is so easy to use All you have to do is light the hardwood and in 10 minutes, you are grilling or smoking. Everyone who has seen and ate anything from the grill just love it. I would recomend this grill to everyone. P/S the customer service from Erin is great too.

  2. I am sure there are many things better than a good smoker and grill, but right now, I can’t think of what they might be.

  3. I not only sell Kamado Joe Grills but I also cook on them almost everyday. From over 40 years of grilling experience and cooking on everything from a backyard brick pit buillt in the 60s to a 55 gallon drum in the 70s, to a sears gas grill in the 80s, to a green egg in the 90s, still the same, to a very expensive gas grill that is phenomenal in the early part of this century, none of them can cook with the consistency, flavor, versatility, and dependability that Kamado Joe does. Last weekend I cooked a brisket at 210 degrees on the Kamado Joe for 14 hours without adding any charcoal and never varying more than 5 degrees in 30 degree weather. You can not do that on a indoor Viking Range. If you want more facts just e-mail me and I will be glad to share recipes and tips with you. BBQBOB

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